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Visit My Odisha: Visit the best tourist destinations in India: Sanmaya's blog: What you should see at Puri, Odisha
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What you should see at Puri, Odisha

October 1, 2010 by Sanmaya   Comments (0)

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If you are planning to visit Puri this season do not forget to see the following things before you go back.

[Jagannath Temple, Konark Temple, Pipili (The Appliqué Village), Raghurajpur (famous for Pattachitra), Sea Beach, Sand Art at sea beach, Confluence of River and sea at Musa Nai and Nua nai etc, Beleswar.]

Jagannath Temple:


Konark Temple:



Pipili (The Appliqué Village):



 Raghurajpur ( Craftsmen's Village: famous for Pattachitra):