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Visit My Odisha: Visit the best tourist destinations in India
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Odisha (most people know it as Orissa) is a state in India well known for its culture & handicrafts, has most of the world-famous tourist places like Jagannath Temple of Puri, Sun Temple of Konark, Beaches in Gopalpur, Puri and other exotic beaches, Nrusinghanath, Similipal & Nandankanan like santuary and zoos, Devkund and Taratarini like mountain trekking points & waterfalls and of course The Chilika: the biggest salt(brackish) water lake in Asia. there are also so many places that tourists like inspite of their low popularity in local people. This site is a step to popularize all those places and increase tourism.


Odisha is a place of adventure where there are somany places without good roads and with lots of obstacles and adventure and nature lover will enjoy all it like us. 48kms of jungle with deers, rabbits and you will hardly find 25people inside it. A really thrilled & exotic experience. Places are there with small rivers trailing into the sea & micro deltas formed by it. This all can make you feel that you are in heaven.

And lots of beautiful traditional crafts you will like to take to your home and we can guarrenty you will wish to come again & again as I have a lots of friends from different parts of the world who come every one-two years to Odisha for a month long vacation. So enjoy your stay here and don't forget to share it on this site. Any problem? Plese ask us @visitmyodisha or Govt. Tourist Help Desk.